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Feb 10, 2009

In this podcast, you will learn about how the Army plans to equip its Humvee trucks with "cockpit” style technology so soldiers can tap into their tactical networks, maps and other critical intelligence, all from inside their vehicle. Previous attempts to do this were unsuccessful because the hardware was too heavy. We also bring you an update on the Army's efforts to save fuel by deploying electric vehicles on military posts. These vehicles will be small -- comparable to golf carts but quite a bit more sophisticated -- and be used for driving on-base only, not for combat. But because the Army has so many large bases, it estimates that by replacing conventional SUVs with these electric vehicles, it could save millions of dollars over time. Later in the podcast, there"s a story about the Defense Department’s plans to increase research and development of nonlethal weapons. Lastly, you will hear about how space technologies are being channeled to efforts to study global warming.