In the October 2017 podcast, we look at how a new Russian tank could offer a challenge the U.S. Army's Abrams, how troops are taking advantage of smartphone technology and how artificial intelligence can help defeat roadside bombs.

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In the September podcast, we look at the Air Force's effort to procure a new commercial off-the-shelf light attack aircraft, the potentially widespread applications for airborne lasers in the military, and how a forthcoming satellite constellation could bring an upgraded communications capability to ground forces …

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In the August 2017 podcast, we look at the Defense Department’s effort to modernize its nuclear triad of bombers, submarines and ground-based missiles.

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In the July podcast, we look at how the U.S. military is seeking more funding to develop offensive hypersonic weapons and the means to counter them, the Defense Department's new campaign to integrate artificial intelligence technologies across intelligence systems and the Navy's progress on developing the railgun advanced weapon system.

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In the June 2017 podcast, we look at the production costs of the F-35 joint strike fighter for international customers, how the Army could replace aging Bradley fighters with a next-generation combat vehicle and Special Operations Command's progress on developing a full body armor "Iron Man" suit to protect commandos. This podcast is sponsored by Amazon's GovCloud.

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In the May 2017 podcast, we look at how Air Force Special Operations Command is preparing to test an airborne directed energy weapon, whether the Army's next-generation combat vehicle will be robotic and the Coast Guard's budgetary "no man's land."

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In the April 2017 podcast, we look at new designs for the Army's future vertical lift aircraft program, Boeing's efforts to resurrect older F/A/-18 Hornets and Super Hornets for the Navy and Marine Corps, and why service officials are saying they need the joint light tactical vehicle sooner and in bigger quantities.

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In the March 2017 podcast, we look at the shifting political winds that could lead to more F/A-18 Super Hornets and less F-35 joint strike fighters for the Navy, how shipbuilders are looking to answer the service's call for a larger fleet, and how driverless trucks are poised to join military operations.

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February 2017 - No Rest For the Weary: Special Operations  Forces Brace For New Challenges

In the February 2017 podcast, we look at how the role of special operations forces may change under a new administration, an innovative Defense Department cybersecurity program and how the Pentagon is using contests to counter enemy drones. This podcast is sponsored by Amazon's GovCloud.

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The Next Frontier- Space industry navigates complex challenges in military market

In the January 2017 podcast, we look at the challenges facing a critical Navy communications satellite program, how the service is looking to equip its next littoral combat ships with unmanned systems and the future of the Defense Department's new innovation unit.

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Beyond Gaming: Army to Push Limits of Virtual Reality

In the December podcast, we look at how the U.S. Army is working to push the limits of virtual gaming and augmented reality technologies to improve training simulations, progress in the military ground robot market and why the Defense Department is actually paying people to hack its information technology systems.

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Battlefield 2030: Threats Driving Technology Investments - November 2016

In the November podcast, we look at four areas where the U.S. military will have to fight under challenging conditions in the future: anti access/area denial; urban environments; space; and climate change.

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Future Army: How the next wave of tech will change the battlefield - October 2016

In this podcast, we look at the development of the Warrior Web robotic exosuit program, that could reduce war fighter fatigue and prevent injuries, new improvements to night vision technology that help to reduce the size, weight and power consumption of goggles, and how the U.S. Navy is seeking to make unmanned underwater vehicles interoperable with other unmanned platforms.

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F-35 Prepares for War - September 2016

In this podcast, we look at how the F-35 joint strike fighter is gaining more support as the Marine Corps and Air Force variants reach major program milestones, how the Pentagon's nuclear modernization plans could be downsized during the final months of the Obama administration, and a new, strong fiber for soldier's protective garments genetically engineered from spider silk.

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Air Force Launches Competition For Future ICBM - August 2016

We look at the Air Force's plans to replace the aging Minuteman III nuclear missile, a program developing stealthy, hybrid electric motorcycles that could help soldiers and special forces conduct quieter missions, and how the military is working to make laser technology a reality.

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