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Jul 10, 2018

In this podcast, we examine how the military is seeking to improve the lethality of its weapons, the exploration of new launch options of small satellites in order to protect the U.S. space architecture, and the development of a more advanced cockpit for the block 3 F-A-18 Super...

Jun 5, 2018

In this podcast, we examine special technology requirements the military needs to operate in the Arctic, a new family of robots designed to help protect bomb squad technicians, and the need to find alternatives to...

May 3, 2018

In this podcast, we look at Special Operations Command's top 10 technology needs. 


Apr 12, 2018

In this podcast, we examine the Defense Department’s push to build a 355-ship Navy, an anticipated rise in hypersonics funding and the Army’s work to develop autonomous convoys.

Mar 8, 2018



In this podcast, we examine the Navy’s work to partner up unmanned aerial platforms, the Army’s strategy to ramp up robotics acquisition and the Defense Department’s goal to develop a nuclear-armed sea-launched cruise...